2. I'm ready to s u r r e n d e r.

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    Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter - Overture (2004)

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  4. Epicness! 

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    Saint Seiya | Saint Seiya Online - fans speak up

    "When the music is on… [Pegasus Fantasy]  For Earth and Peace, burn, my Cosmo!  At least, for the people like our generation’s, it is an indelible memory. I was so innocent and pure. I believed everything was true and real. Saint Seiya is irreplaceable for the threads of time. For the eternal memory. Burn up, Cosmo!”

    This is a very moving little video, released by Saint Seiya Online. It shows different Chinese fans talking about their memories and experiences when watching Saint Seiya when they were kids. It is not about how awful-disappointing-lame-cheap-annoying this or that spin off, reboot or reimagined saga is.

    It is about the shared love all of them (us) have and how it shaped up what they are (we are) today. It has English subtitles, so perhaps hoping it to be global and reach every single fan, haters included.

    So cut the crap and enjoy the ride. You might not like Omega, TLC, Saintia Sho or Legend of Sanctuary. But there are other generations that know Saint Seiya through these sagas/spin-offs/reboots, and these will be part of their childhood. Your younger cousins, their children, my nephews, your little siblings. When they they grow up they will remember the new sagas with nostalgia, just like you now feel about the classic series that you remember watching years ago. Let go of your bitterness and cherry pick whatever you like of this vast universe.

    And watch the video. You will only waste 8 minutes of your time, but I trust you will not regret it. Cheers.

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  9. Saint Seiya | Happy ending

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    Joyeux anniversaire Camus